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1.What is NMD Marketing?

We are internet based marketing organization as well as a portal that takes Sri Lankan products to the international market. From any country in the world you can purchase Gents and ladies wristwatches at reasonable price and easily and we deliver them to your doorstep. 

2. How we different from ordinary shop?

There are many advantages the consumers get when they purchase goods from us. In the cost of  goods that are sold in ordinary shop it includes various cost components such as cost of production, electricity, salaries and wages, rent, maintenance cost, transport, tax and profit. But in marketing goods on internet most of those cost components are not applicable in the pricing. Therefore consumers can purchase goods at lower price. 

3. Is there a warranty for the money we pay?

Yes of course. When you order goods through internet you have tp pay the bill in advance. No doubt, you may have doubt on the safety of the money you pay. However, we accept your money through Paypal accounts which is recognised as safe payment mode in online business. In addition, our organisation has the responsibility until the delivery of your order and if we failed to deliver the order we pay your money back within 7 days.

4. How do we order goods?

Visit our website and you can order any item in our catalogs. All payment details are given under payment options. 

5. If there a warranty for the goods?

The warranty of the item you purchase is determined by the warranty given by the manufacturer. The warranty period can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. The warranty period is displayed in the item.  

6. How we get to know about new arrivals

You can register for our News Letter through the link given in the Home Page and receive all new items arrive.

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